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Carb Calc

Carb Calc is for use with the Tight Regulation Protocol for treating Feline Diabetes, or just for the general health of your cat.

Calculate carbohydrates for any canned cat food, using nutritional values on the can.

Store calculated foods in the handy library.

Color coded results make choosing the correct food for your feline friend easy to do.

UpDown Count

UpDown Count is a simple but powerful counting app, with many unique and useful features. With its clean and uncluttered interface and unique features, it's as easy as swiping up or left on the screen to increment, and down or right to decrement. Big, bold numbers make it easy to see your count. There isn't anything that can't be counted with UpDown Count.

Round9 Timer

Round9 Timer is the app for timing boxing matches, or circuits in a workout. With it's big, bold numbers and highly customizable user interface, it is the ultimate flexible timer app for all of your exercise needs.


TempraConv is a powerful, yet easy to use temperature conversion utility. As opposed to many types of conversion utilities, TempraConv focuses only on the precise conversion of temperatures. Many temperature converters only convert whole numbers. TempraConv has many features including large, easy to press buttons and a precision of up to nine decimal places.


Lotto Random is a random number generator that can be configured to select random numbers for multiple types of lotteries.

Who doesn't dream of being wealthy? Who doesn't want to win the lottery? Perhaps you play the same numbers over and over, hoping that you'll win. Perhaps you play quick picks. Why not let Lotto Random generate random numbers specific to the lottery or lotteries that you play?


Though this app was created for use with the Avatar Upgrade fitness program on, it can be used by anyone wanting to generate and keep track of sets of random numbers. It is different in the way that it approaches keeping track of numbers. Choose a ceiling number and a grid of all numbers will be created and displayed. When clicking the generate button, the number generated will be highlighted in blue, indicating that it is the most recent number generated. All numbers generated will be highlighted in green, so the user has a history of the number generated.

Website and Wordpress Theme Design
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Diabetic Cat Help

DCH Dark Wordpress theme. This is a custom, fully responsive grey and black theme written in Bootstrap 4 and implemented as a full WordPress website.


Sweetness Wordpress theme. This is a custom, fully responsive theme using various pale shades of blue. This theme was written in Bootstrap 4, and implemented as a Wordpress theme.

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